Asaya Sound and Movement Association

In the summer of 2012 Jody met with Maureen Ji (, a Sound Healer and Musician who had been living on the island of Ibiza for many years, spreading her healing and joy through the vibration of sound and music, both here in Ibiza as well as across the world. After a year of working together, Maureen left Ibiza to continue with her studies in America and I was blessed to take over the work at the hospital.

Maureen Ji is the Founder of Samasound Association of Healing music (, which is a charity based in Ibiza and we are privileged to offer workshops and concerts for the elderly residents at Can Seres Hospital in Ibiza Town. 


In 2015 I became the president of the association and renamed it ASAMA.

It is only through funding, donations and sponsorship that allows Samasound to continue with our workshops and concerts at the hospital, even though the team is comitted to continue the work through times without financial support. Samasound is looking to expand the work that they do to reach even more people.


I am currently in the process of planning a documentary which I am hoping will be available for viewing around April 2020.