AURIC FIELD - The subtle energy field around the body.

BLOCKAGE - In this context the word refers to a restriction to the flow of energy throughout the body. Energy blockages may have been passed down to us through the ancestral line, they may have accumulated through bad diet, lack of exercise, stress, trauma, a physical injury etc.

CHAKRA - Translated from the Sanskrit language, meaning "wheel". An energy centre within the body, likened to a lotus flower. The Chakras are said to be in the same areas of the body as the glands within the endocrine system.

ENERGY - Just as we need energy to turn on our lights, or to charge our phone, so too do our bodies run on energy. In the Eastern texts this energy is called "Prana", which is said to be our life force.

MANTRA - A phrase or word that can be chanted or sung. 

PRANA - Considered to be our "life force". Although we take in Prana when we breath, it is not actually our breath. Prana is an energy, just like the batteries in our mobile phones have energy.

SANSKRIT - An ancient Indo-Aryan language and thought to be one of the oldest documented language of the Indo-European languages.