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Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. We always had instruments in the house, and there was always music playing; either from my parents' LP's, or from the radio.

Being fortunate enough to grow up in a musical home, I have long known the power and healing effect of music through my own personal journeys through music and song.

From the early foundation of music, my learning became structured at the age of 7 when my father taught me how to play his guitar and started to teach me the basics of music theory, which led me to teaching myself how to play the keyboard. From that day, I was hooked! I was forever writing poems and lyrics and everything became part of a song in some way. 

Following on from the guitar and keyboard I learned how to play the flute at age of 11 and the saxophone at 14. My uncle introduced me to the bass guitar when I was 16, and it was during my years at college that I had my first public performance as a musician.


I joined my first band when I was 17, as bass player and backing vocalist. Then at 19, some friends and I formed a 7-piece band, touring the south of England and playing at festivals for many years. It was after we dispersed in 2007 that I began to take my life-long love of writing and poetry to an even deeper level as I started as a solo artist as a singer/songwriter.

Why do I sing?

I sing 

Because I love, Because I feel, 

Because I care, Because I laugh, Because I cry

Because I believe.

I sing

Because I can.

What am I singing For?

I am singing for 

The Sun, the moon

The stars and way


I am singing for

The Place in which

Our Spirits

All belong...