"In life you meet a wide range of people, each bring very specific gifts, but Jody has not just only the ability to bring the gifts of magical sound but also the gift of the true meaning of the gentleness of the human heart. I have the honor to work closely with her within multiple disciplines and whatever Jody puts her attention towards it is felt. She is one of the most genuine people I know. 


When it comes to Sound Healing, It's always hard to describe the experiences with words, especially to those who have never experienced any kind of sound healing. If you haven't had this unique, amazing, Divine experience, if you've never felt sound waves cascade through your body in the most loving, nurturing, warm-fuzzy vibrations, you NEED to see Jody ASAP! She's wonderfully bubbly outside of sessions and soothing and nurturing during them."

Natasja Pelgrom - Holland 
Holistic Transformational Mentor // natasjapelgrom.com

"I didn’t know what to expect from the sound bath but was open to trying a therapy that might help my issues with anxiety, self-confidence and depression. I’d done  some chanting before, also  with instruments, as part of yoga and meditation but never an immersive sound treatment like yours. It was an incredible experience. Without exaggeration, I think I still felt the soothing effect and even some vibrations the next day, like in tingly hands and a lightness generally. Definitely felt calmer and more connected/comforted  (if that makes sense?) than I’ve done in months. It felt particularly comforting to do it in a group with others."

Barbara Steffan - UK

"Jody has something magical going on. The Sound Therapy sessions she provides are nothing short of profound and wonderful. Every time I experience a session, I feel major shifts and awakenings.  This stuff is powerful. Anyone can do it.  It's wonderful to do and is an easy way to meditate - you lay there, don't need to do anything, and feel yourself drifting into the most amazing spaces.  My son (aged 14) loves it as much as I do.   Highly recommended for anyone and everyone'.

Susie Pearl -Ibiza

"When I first met Jody I noticed how she glowed, it's a cliche but not one to be over-looked when you meet someone who has this in abundance.  I couldn't help but wonder what Jody held up her happiness sleeve. I soon found out that Jody is a Sound therapist, using instrumental sounds as well as her voice in a therapeutic way - so good vibrations are her thing.  I was very intrigued about how sound therapy might work and what I might experience on the road to the glow. 

Jody kindly invited me to an open, sound relaxation session held in the tranquil yoga space, behind La Galeria Elefante. It's a perfect environment for these sessions;  the curved walls and the intimate space of the old finca cause the sound to reverberate, giving a deeper immersion into the mystical, healing sounds that Jody creates.  
The session began with Jody guiding us through some breath / meditation techniques.  We were asked to breath deeply into our lower abdomen and on inhalations, internally say "Let" and as we exhaled "Go".  With stilled minds we slipped into the sounds of 8 or so crystal bowls, their unique tones felt very powerful as Jody masterfully orchestrated their sound interactions.  These magnificent bowls immerse you in a sound that is mind-altering,  a sound sensation.
I understand that the various tones re-align the chakras and the qualities of sound can harmonize the energetic body - It certainly feels profound. 

It's hard to put into words an exact description of the sound journey,  everyone has a very unique and individual experience. Personally, I found the journey to be epic, insightful and deeply relaxing. Jody weaves various unusual and wonderful instruments that give varying sensations and reactions - some make you tingle, others make you sigh deeply….. it's a curious thing. 
I loved the crystal bowls, and the way I could feel their vibrations - the sound waves  travelling across my body felt like 'sound Frisbee's' traversing around the room. I could feel the sound dynamically hover across my body. It was a unique experience interacting with sound in such a tangible way (not to mention the energetic benefits), once the novelty of what was happening lessened I found myself blissfully ensconced in the sound, bathed in it - I felt completely in the moment.

Jody's voice also, a very powerful element to the sound scaping; one moment she embraced the sounds of chanting, Tibetan monks, next her voice transformed into a very feminine, light and soothing sound - blissful and hypnotic. Then came the rain, which to me felt Shamanic. The rain sounds coming from what I found out to be called a 'rain stick',  shaken in short bursts, with high intensity.  I felt bathed in rain which induced sensations of vibrancy whilst simultaneously being a comforting sound - with a certain nostalgia attached to it. We all  loved the sound sensation of the rain stick, it's like the patter of rain on a tin roof or the waves lapping over and swirling up little sea shells on the sea shore. 

This is just a flavour of what to expect. The one consistent expression of the entire group was that we all felt we had travelled far and wide during the session and we were all enraptured, blissfully lost in sound and deeply relaxed afterwards. As we came to the end of the session big smiles were on all of our faces and we all had a little starry-eyed, child-like wonder going on. 

I would highly recommend Jody's sessions, she's a deeply intuitive, sound therapist, utterly committed and passionate. Her sound therapy sessions are both uplifting and inspiring, not to mention deeply relaxing. Beyond the fascination and enjoyment of the sessions I have noticed a number of benefits through my weekly sessions with Jody.  I am calmer, more grounded in my body, with greater clarity,  joy and vitality. I literally feel lighter for days after each session. I have a sense of ease, sleep better and feel in my flow.

Jody you are a wonder and the sessions are amazing soul food. Thank you! 

 Lizzy Clarke - Ibiza