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I'm Jody Kay - Creative Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, Sound Therapist, Nada Yoga Practitioner, Clown a lover and a carer, and this is where I get to tell you all about myself; my work, my play, my passions and my loves, and to share how these have helped to bring positive changes into my own life and to show how you could benefit from them also, to help support positive changes in yours.

Alongside this, I hope to educate you in the topics amongst these pages that may be new to you, or to help reaffirm that which you already know.

Life can be challenging at times, we all know that, but when we work with certain tools and practices, we can learn to use these challenges and difficulties as a stepping stone towards growth, development and transformation, leading us to a more joyful, happier, healthier and more abundant life.

My mum used to say to me as a child,

"Life, is what you make it"

So be sure to make it what you want!






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